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Updated: Apr 1, 2023

I. Summary

Our project management services helped to do next step to transformation of business of a multinational pharmaceutical company into a digital world.

  • Type of provided services: Project Management Services, Change Management Services

  • Core business platforms: Veeva CRM, Qlik Q Sense

  • Project hours: More than 900 project hours

  • Used methodologies: PMI PM BOK, ADKAR and ICE Methodology

  • Type of engagement: as a direct contractor and project contract with client

  • EPPM Services Role in the project: Complex Project Management

II. Introduction

As part of our services, we dealt with the deployment of a newer version of CRM, the expansion of communication channels with a focus on video communication, better use of electronic communication and subsequent data analysis on a new analytical tool. Services included organization change management focusing on better acquiring and engagement of users through training, communication and coaching of management and users.

III. Needs/Problems

The client needed to solve the following business problems:

  • Empower teams in fields to continue building their present and future success with customers

  • Connect Marketing, Sales, Medical and Key Account Managers around the planning, execution and insights of customer interactions (Rep-triggered emails, Multichannel Customer Engagement)

  • Simplify and harmonize CRM

  • Enable agile system updates to ensure that system delivers better data to end users via harmonized business processes

  • Consistent way to measure & Report (a commercial reporting & analytics platform build over the big data platform that support faster, more cost effective and better – informed decision making and increase customer engagement, transparent reporting from Veeva – with daily updates)

IV. Goals/Objectives

The project had following core business goals and objectives:

  • To Enable excellence in commercial execution through a smart prioritizations of customers and high value-added interactions

  • Leverage the current CRM implementation to build an integrated platform

  • To define and implement common KPIs (across sales domain) to assess the efficiency of commercial effort

V. Procedures/Scope of Work

Information about proposed procedures and the scope of work:

  • OnCore Roadmap:

To empower field teams to continue building on their present and future success with customers via integrated systems. It included to connect Marketing, Sales, Medical and KAMs around the planning, execution and insights of customer interactions. The implementation had to enable fast and agile system updates to ensure our system delivers better data to end users via harmonized business processes and Consistent way to measure & Reporting. It included management and support of:

  • Tollgates

  • UAT / Acceptance

  • Training (< less then 100, in the mode train the trainer)

  • Go Live & Sustain

  • Fast Track Roadmap:

Enable remote engagement channels in CRM for Medical and Sale Representatives. It includes Online/Web mode of presentations, content on user laptops. Enable Surveys in Approved Emails in CRM and from Online mode. It included management and support of:

  • Data Privacy Approvals

  • Email Templates and Translations

  • UAT

  • User Trainings (< less then 100, in the mode train the trainer)

  • Go Live & Sustain

  • Conversion of rest of documents

  • Dice Roadmap:

Deliver analytical insights for to enable faster business decisions for better productivity and competitive advantage. To have single source of business performance metrics with instant access to Commercial actionable insights and measurable outcomes. It included management and support of:

  • Data Profiling

  • UAT / Acceptance

  • Training (< less then 100, in the mode train the trainer)

  • Key Risks:

    • external risks Covid-19

  • Key Enabler:

    • focusing on benefits from corona restrictions

  • Critical Success Factors:

The business project would not have been successful without the help of multinational companies such as Accenture or EPAM, which covered the entire delivery on global level.

  • Core CRM platform:

  • Core Reporting Platform:

VI. Timetable

Detailed information on the timetable of the project:

​Description of Work

​Start and End Dates

​Phase One

​OnCore Roadmap

​4-Jun-20 to 21-Sep-20

​Phase Two

​Fast Track Roadmap

​12-Jun-20 to 31-Mar-21

​Phase Three

​Dice Roadmap

​1-Oct-20 to 31-Jan-20

VII. Budget

The local project budget was part of the global budget and that is part of business information that is not disclosed. From the project point of view, we have delivered around 900 project hours. The controlling and monitoring of the budget took place on the basis of implementation according to individual milestones and in the form of time-material.

VIII. Key Personnel

List the key personnel/teams who were responsible for completion of the project, as well as other teams of the project as visible on high level chart:

  • Regional Leads:

Regular communication at the regional level about project implementation, risks and issues.

  • Deployment Teams:

Per individual stages, both regular communication and setup or training.

  • Country Team:

At the local level of deployment, training, change management in all phases

IX. For Further Information

Visit our website,, or contact Miroslav Czadek, EPPM Services, s.r.o. In case of direct client reference about how we managed project or details about our involvement we will share direct contact on request.

​Core CRM platform:

​Core Reporting Platform:

Used tools for Project and Change Management:

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