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Clarity PPM

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

I. Summary

Our project management services helped to deliver a Project/Program Management tool that client uses to orchestrate, prioritize, and drive projects to achieve/align with the Business objectives. This tool represents a single platform that enables to manage the entire project lifecycle and make more informed strategic investments. It provides the unified, comprehensive project management capabilities to deliver quality initiatives on time and within budget.

  • Type of provided services: Project Management Services, Change Management Services

  • Core business platforms: Clarity PPM

  • Project hours: More than 700 project hours

  • Used methodologies: PMI PM BOK, ADKAR, Internal PM methodology

  • Type of engagement: as a direct contractor and project contract with client

  • EPPM role in the project: Complex Project Management, Change Management

II. Introduction

As part of our services, we dealt with the deployment of a new PPM Tool Clarity in client environment that covered six countries CZE, SVK, POL, ITA, SRB, ROU. Our involvement covered setup of new project management processes (Demand/Idea Management, Finance Management, Resource Management) and automatization. This project required huge change management activities that reflected Covid19 situation and internal organizational changes. The project was completely managed by virtual, and we used hybrid (agile/waterfall) delivery of services. We migrated hundreds of projects and setup new way of working. Project was successfully transferred to operations.

III. Needs/Problems

The client used PMO Tool internally called “Athena” to support and manage the portfolio of projects throughout the whole Group that was based on platform of “Easy Software”. It was a main point for all project managers and managers to access, view and edit their project portfolio or view their tasks. Due to the company's growth and new requirements was no longer fully compliant and client decided to implement new solution. The main needs included the following areas:

  • complex system

  • minimal system modifications

  • easy integration into the clients’ environment

  • extension and use of the idea phase for the portfolio of projects

  • access control and use across the group

IV. Goals/Objectives

The goals and objectives that address the needs/problems stated above:

  • Goal 1: Replacement Athena with advanced PM Tool till May 2021.

  • Goal 2: Train Ambassadors and prepare Train to Train environment

  • Goal 3: Train end Users by Ambassadors / trainers

  • Goal 4: Align PM Processes with countries

  • Goal 5: Support

V. Procedures/Scope of Work

Procedures and scope of work that we oversaw:

  • Stage 1: Basic Configuration:

Kick-off of Initial stage, project organization setting, High level specification and Requirement’s clarification. On Premise Environment preparation. Management Clarity PMM Installation and Basic settings (as sprints). It covered Demand and Project Management, Basic Resource Management and Basic Finance Management. Initload of migrated data and basic integration with AD. System administration training and Onboarding of users.

  • Stage 2: Automatization:

Extension (as sprint) of Portfolio management, Advanced Resource and Finance management and Automation processes. Organization of Detail specification workshops, trainings, and testing.

  • Complete Integration:

Initiation and participation on Integration with Jira, Sharepoint/MS365 and DWH.

  • Key Risks:

external risks Covid-19, project approach - a hybrid agile delivery, Time-Material Contract, Licenses, Data sources from different countries, SSO, Transfer knowledge, Integrations, and User’s resistance.

  • Key Enabler:

expiration of Athena licenses; quick setup of team and roles, communication

  • Critical Success Factors:

The business project would not have been successful without the help of companies such as Catta Consulting that covered the entire knowledge of PPM Area. Internal split of team and decision to have in team seasoned process manager and a fully utilized MS Teams platform.

  • Core PPM platform: - Clarity

VI. Timetable

Detailed information on the timetable of the project:

​Description of Work

​Start and End Dates

​Phase One

​Stage 1: Basic Configuration

​01/Jan- 10/Mar

​Phase Two

​Stage 2: Automatization


​Phase Three

​Complete Integration


VII. Budget

From the project point of view, we have delivered more than 700 project hours. The controlling and monitoring of the budget took place on the basis of implementation according to individual milestones and in the form of time-material.

VIII. Key Personnel

List the key personnel/teams who were responsible for completion of the project, as well as other teams of the project as visible on high level chart. During the project, there were regular communication of about 4 dozen of people with an impact to 6 countries.

  • Steering Committee:

Coordinated the steering committee as the highest IT project management body that directed the IT project and took decision

  • Core Project Team:

Reviewed the status of the IT project with the team on weekly basis. Including update on team progress, Risks and Issues, potential scope changes.

  • Vendor Team:

Functional and Technical Consultants of CLARITY

  • Process Implementation Team:

PM individuals or PMO groups who were assigned to and worked on the project, related to the project management processes

  • Technical Implementation Team:

IT Individuals or Opps groups who were assigned to and worked on the IT project in area of security, server, database, access to environment

  • Integration Implementation Team:

IT Individuals, Architects or SME groups who were assigned to and worked on the IT project in area of integration of solution with other systems based on agreed SoW

  • Test Team:

IT and PM Individuals and groups who were assigned to and worked on the IT project in area of testing of solution in relevant process and IT areas

  • Ambassadors:

PM Individuals and groups who are assigned to and worked on the IT project in area of testing, training of end users, promoted solution into client’s group countries.

Used tools for Project and Change Management:

IX. For Further Information

Visit our website,, or contact Miroslav Czadek, EPPM Services, s.r.o. In case of direct client reference about how we managed project or details about our involvement we will share direct contact on request.

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