Partner Program

Partner and reference program

It’s easy! Our Partner Referral program allows individuals or entities, customers or non-customers to refer clients to EPPM Services s.r.o. and receive payouts for eligible client referrals.

Simple you can imagine!

  • As Referral partner you find potential services opportunities, submit the sales opportunity to EPPM Services, and then reap the benefits when the opportunity is closed.

  • EPPM Services Partner integrate the EPPM Services portfolio into their business proposals, enjoy healthy margins, and dramatically increase their company revenue and return on their investment. And more - these services are limited to precise scope and partner is focusing on his core business competence.

Why cooperate with us?

For clients:

  • Due to growing competitiveness and rapidly changing business environment we believe that clients will benefit from our services that are not their own expertise or core competencies to help them to save money, improve quality, mitigate risks and shorten time as efficient and positive responses to change.

  • Through our services we are doing what’s right for the client, because spending time on the right things, leading well, feeling good about our contributions, fully using our skills, learning new ones and having fun.

  • We adhere to the Code of Ethics as in the provision of project and program services and the provision of coaching services.

  • Our company has concluded an insurance contract on liability insurance for damage caused to our customers with the limit to the amount of 10 million CZK with Kooperativa, Vienna Insurance Group. It gives to our clients a guarantee of payment of damages caused accidentally or that were caused with our consulting services.

For collaborators:

  • Every day when we come to work, we have the opportunity to bring our vision and values to life.

  • We are dedicated to bring success to our clients, enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our customers and communities, and celebrating our achievements together as a team.

For whom are EPPM Services?

EPPM Services are for organizations and companies that want to use an external Project Management Services, which are not their core activities. These are primarily companies looking for ultimate business benefit and Return on Investment due to a higher competitiveness. EPPM Services are suitable for companies that:

  • anticipate to introduce a new innovative product or project

  • need to establish, manage or wish to outsource projects systematically and procedurally or want their existing system of project management shift to a higher level within their business processes

  • want to streamline their project management, increase the success of delivered projects, orders and reduce costs in individual projects

  • need to establish, operate and manage Project Management Office or Portfolio of Projects

  • and are among a modern enterprises and organizations investing in ICT and increasing efficiency own processes with intent to innovation of their products and services. Through these investments they gain a competitive advantage and achieves growth and efficiency.

In EPPM Services, we focus on the following areas:

  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical company

  • Insurance - Life and non-life insurance

  • Energy and Utility – The operators of Transmission and distribution systems, producers and suppliers of electricity, gas and water supply

  • Telecommunications - Telecommunications operators

  • Banking - Banking, Finance

  • Business - Retail, wholesale, logistics and transport

  • Manufacturing - Automotive and manufacturing industry