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Legal Contract Management Services

Legal Contract Management Services
The legal contract manager (LCS) of project must to make certain the vendor meets its obligations. LCS is focused on the external performance of their vendor and their internal performance (investment and benefits realization) and is opposite to Project Manager who is focused on their internal schedule and financial performance and meeting their external project obligations. If the vendor does not fulfil its contractual obligations, then legal remedies may ultimately be pursued. On larger projects with multiple vendors providing various products, is the main goal of legal contract manager the coordination between the vendors. The LCS schedules and confirms the performance of the vendors so that the deliverables, schedule, and performance of a vendor do not infringe or adversely affect the performance of another vendor. The project manager and LCS track performance and quality to approve or decline payment as needed based on the terms for payment.


  • Reviewing Contract Documentation: Schedules of the procured work, Contract change requests, Documentation the vendor has created and provided, Financial documents, invoices, payment records, Results of contractual inspections
  • Management, control and supervise the contract change procedures
  • Performance reporting on how the vendor is performing under the guidelines in the contract
  • Supervise Acceptance protocols, interaction of the Contract and Project managers with the Accounts Payable department and specific procedures for submitting the payment requests
  • Supervise project correspondence between the client and vendor (often takes the form of warnings, letters of discontent, and project performance reviews from the client to the vendor).
  • Supervise the close out of contract and confirm with project manager, the client, key stakeholders, to confirm that the obligations of the contract were met as expected
  • Pertnering with network of Legal / Project Contract Managers in the EU and Czech Republic
  • Flexible delivery models including T&M and Statement of Work
  • Highly trained Legal / Project Contract Managers provided at competitive rates
  • Highly experienced and sector-knowledgeable teams


  • The procedure for monitoring of deadlines, preparation / revision / save project document
  • Crucial for the timely and proper action of contract
  • A significant advantage in the dispute
  • Contract correspondence can serve as documentation for legal action if disputes arise between the buyer and seller.
  • The balance of information superiority of the vendor
  • Minimize misunderstandings or confusion over who is responsible for what and when it should be done.
  • Recording a history of costs and charges will help short cut mistakes before they become very big problems
  • Mistakes such as over-payments or unapproved payments can be prevented
  • Aims to anticipate and respond to business needs in the future
  • Well understood the context, complexities and dependencies of the contract
  • High (ROI) Return on Investment in complex environment
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Minimum contract period: Day


  • Project Legal Contract Manager
  • Sr. Project Legal Contract Manager

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