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Change Management Services

Change Management Services
Change Management Services provides experienced and trained Project / Change Managers to overcome a challenge for organizations in process of managing change. Managing change means getting the organization to accept the change, understand the elements of change and then properly execute change. From experience, we know that organizational culture is a critical factor in change and poorly managed change could be catastrophic for the organization. With Change Management Services, we plan and manage changes with Prosci ADKAR® and systemic approach in order to deliver benefits to client or organization.


  • Supervise and manage Assessment Change - where you are now and where you need to be (Risk Assessment, Change Impact Assessment, User Adoption Assessment)
  • Coordinating Analysis - determine how to bridge the gap between the AS IS and TO BE.
  • Preparation Design - structure by which you can proceed in a systematic manner
  • Participating on Development - fully developed initiative of change
  • Manage Implementation and Evaluation- change steering committee puts the planned change initiative into effect and measure the effectiveness of the change.
  • Support Communication plan / gathering information, tactics, focus groups/ Dissemination Information / use of Prosci ADKAR® 
  • Partnering with network of Project and Change Managers in the EU and Czech Republic
  • Flexible delivery models including T&M and Statement of Work
  • Highly trained Project and Change Managers provided at competitive rates
  • Highly experienced and sector-knowledgeable teams


  • Reduce the incidents that would affect efficiency, and help to maintain company productivity
  • More efficient and better prepared for the daily tasks of business.
  • The organization can respond faster to customer demands
  • Helps to align existing resources within the organization
  • Change can be implemented without negatively effecting the day to day running of business
  • The time needed to implement change is reduced
  • The possibility of unsuccessful change is reduced
  • Employee performance increases when staff feel supported and understand the change process
  • An effective change management process lowers the risk associated with change
  • Managed costs of change: change management helps to contain costs associated with the change
  • Increased return on investment (ROI)
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Minimum contract period: Day


  • Project Change Manager
  • Sr. Project Change Manager

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