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Bid Management Services

Bid Management Services
Bid Management Services provides experienced Bid and Project Managers with extensive knowledge of bid process. The bidding process is a key sales activity for most service or product oriented organizations. Effective bid management is a formal written offer to undertake work or provide services for a stated price. Bid Management Services provides to our clients successful and systematic coordination of tender submission, to lead to the best possible bid.


  • Review current bid management - review any evidence, skills or resource gaps and plan how to fill these
  • Early involvement and preparation of relevant policy agendas, what the specification is likely to look like
  • Setup and participation on decision gates like bid/no bid gate and assess the opportunity against your strategic client priorities
  • Bid team and bod roles to draw on expertise from your board, support organizations or other contacts.
  • Managing the bid - the bid manager will co-ordinate the bidding across the organization
  • Review and polishing the bid
  • Partenring with network of Bid and Project Managers in the EU and Czech Republic
  • Flexible delivery models including T&M and Statement of Work
  • Highly trained Bid and Project Managers provided at competitive rates
  • Highly experienced and sector-knowledgeable teams


  • Clear roles and responsibilities - everyone involved in the bid understands what is expected of them.
  • Better planning of bid - without a clear bid process, it is hard to plan the work and the bid may run out of time.
  • Better efficiency of bid process -  the bid process saves times by ensuring the right things are done at the right time.
  • Better prioritization - the bid process will help to prioritize and focus the team’s efforts on the things that will have the biggest influence on the client’s evaluation criteria.
  • Ensure the completeness of bid -  the bid process makes sure your proposal addresses all of the client’s requirements and that the bidding instructions are followed.
  • Higher creativity -  bid process allows for creativity
  • High chance of reusability - once created, the bid process can be reused efficiently and effectively many times.
  • Better establishing the building blocks of the project during the bid smoothes the eventual transition from bid to project
  • Better Management of Risk - early identification whether bid is within an acceptable range and that the requirements have been properly communicated or are unrealistic.
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
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  • BID Project Manager
  • Sr. BID Project Manager

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