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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics EPPM Services is fully in line with the PMI PMP Code of Professional Conduct and guarantee your satisfaction in cooperation with our company. Articles that are not in direct relation to the PMP certification applies to all employees and associates of our company. 
Code of Professional Conduct

I. Responsibilities to the Profession

A. Compliance with all organizational rules and policies

  1. Responsibility to provide accurate and truthful representations concerning all information directly or indirectly related to all aspects of the PMI Certification Program, including but not limited to the following: examination applications, test item banks, examinations, answer sheets, candidate information and PMI Continuing Certification Requirements Program reporting forms.
  2. Upon a reasonable and clear factual basis, responsibility to report possible violations of the PMP Code of Professional Conduct by individuals in the field of project management.
  3. Responsibility to cooperate with PMI concerning ethics violations and the collection of related information.
  4. Responsibility to disclose to clients, customers, owners or contractors, significant circumstances that could be construed as a conflict of interest or an appearance of impropriety.

B. Candidate/Certificant Professional Practice

  1. Responsibility to provide accurate, truthful advertising and representations concerning qualifications, experience and performance of services.
  2. Responsibility to comply with laws, regulations and ethical standards governing professional practice in the state/province and/or country when providing project management services.

C. Advancement of the Profession

  1. Responsibility to recognize and respect intellectual property developed or owned by others, and to otherwise act in an accurate, truthful and complete manner, including all activities related to professional work and research.
  2. Responsibility to support and disseminate the PMP Code of Professional Conduct to other PMI certificants.

II. Responsibilities to Customers and the Public

A. Qualifications, experience and performance of professional services
  1. Responsibility to provide accurate and truthful representations to the public in advertising, public statements and in the preparation of estimates concerning costs, services and expected results.
  2. Responsibility to maintain and satisfy the scope and objectives of professional services, unless otherwise directed by the customer.
  3. Responsibility to maintain and respect the confidentiality of sensitive information obtained in the course of professional activities or otherwise where a clear obligation exists.

B. Conflict of interest situations and other prohibited professional conduct

  1. Responsibility to ensure that a conflict of interest does not compromise legitimate interests of a client or customer, or influence/interfere with professional judgments.
  2. Responsibility to refrain from offering or accepting inappropriate payments, gifts or other forms of compensation for personal gain, unless in conformity with applicable laws or customs of the country where project management services are being provided.
Code of Preoffesional Conduct